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Awesome Enchiladas

We found this recipe on  A few changes and tweaks and using low carb tortillas made these great.  As Angela explains in the original, there is a lot of work shredding the chicken and, for me, making up the individual portions was a little work.  But, the result was yummy.  Here is the original […]


Gingerbread Squares

This was a recipe we found in Cooking Light.  It was very carb heavy, but, we used it only to make our Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle Shooters, so we used very little.  It because part of a great treat, while the leftovers were a nice gingerbread for the non-diabetics in our household.  Here is the original recipe: […]


Meat Loaf

You know you are eating comfort food when you sit down to meat loaf and mashed potatoes.  We like this recipe and make little changes to it.  Hope you enjoy this. Here is the original recipe:  Meat Loaf disclaimer